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Custom Post Types & Metadata

We use Meta Box as a framework for adding custom post types and metadata (custom fields) to Digital Church. If you are familiar with custom fields, we are providing the field keys for each custom post type below.


post_type = 'sermon';
Meta KeyType/OptionsDescription
speakerstringThe person who delivered the sermon.
series_taxonomystringSeries that this sermon is a part of.
background_imagestringThe background image that displays on the main sermon page.
sermon_audiostringThis is the audio file of the sermon.
video-thumbnailstringThis is the video thumbnail image that is imported from YouTube.
videostringThis is the link to the video on Vimeo or YouTube.
sermon_buttonsnotes, miscThis enables a few different types of sermon buttons.
sermon_notes_filestringURL of the sermon notes.
sermon_button_textstringText label for the miscellaneous button.
sermon_button_urlstringTarget URL for the miscellaneous button.